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Inspiration for the product group


Maybe it is nice for you guys to visit some shops and galleries for inspiration. It is good to go to studio hergebruik, they give workshops and there is a lot of opportunity here for cooperation. It fits bang and is an inspiring concept.

It would also be a good idea to try and talk to Gijs Bakker. The founder of Droog Design and he is working at the Eindhoven design academy now as the head of the masters product design. There are people at the AMFI who have good contacts with him. And he is always willing to help you with development and contacts. (groetjes Janne)

studio hergebruik,rb=rb.php?r=30&f=19)


visual effects of magazine photo touchups

Click here for an interesting Flash website demonstrating the visual effects of magazine photo touchups.

Introduction to Blogging

Read this article about Blogging:

“”Blog” is an abbreviated version of “weblog,” which is a term used to describe web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. A blog is a frequently updated, personal website featuring diary-type commentary and links to articles on other Web sites.

fly DVD

FLY DVD is a departure from traditional print magazines that for decades have presented their stories and subject matter through a two dimensional silent medium. FLY is the first fashion and art “moving-magazine” creating an engaging and interactive multi-sensory experience integrating fashion, film, art, music and dialogue to stimulate, inspire and inform the viewer.

Comme des Garcon U.S. guerrilla store