his is a workshop course in which you will work together as a team to produce a weekly online fashion research magazine called ”AMFI BANG MAGAZINE”. The publication is devoted to reporting on fashion&magazines including, but not restricted to, the project and will concentrate on stories and research that involve all aspects of the group subject related to the fashion&magazine industry and its activities. The online fashion magazine will include traditional news stories and photographs adapted for the Web, as well as information packages designed exclusively for the Web, including, audio and visual elements.

It looks like a lot of work, but you will get 3 ects points for it, which means 84 hours of work.

Course Objectives

If you successfully complete this section of the course, you should be able to:
1. Find, develop and write news stories, columns and online features about fashion beyond the headlines
2. Produce stories and other information packages, using text, photos, and audio and visual content in ways that are suitable for online readers
3. Produce stories and other information packages for publication online using appropriate software, including Adobe Photoshop and Video editor
4. Take photographs using a digital camera and edit them digitally for publication online
5. Guide, coach and oversee your fellow reporters in researching and writing stories
6. Edit stories and other work produced by students to produce articles and information packages suitable for publication online

Course Methods

We will meet in class twice, for instructions on the principles and skills you will need to produce a weekly magazine for an online audience. These 2 classes will include tutorials on digital photography and image editing and using online tools to modify the individual page templates of the publication to design your own presentations.

All students will be required to help on production.


Assignment 1* Two Stories, 5 research articles, and 2 video interviews.
Every member of the group must provide:

2 Stories:
These are personally written articles accompanied by, photos, possible audio or video, concerning your professional fashion interest, or related to your project. you are responsible for developing, researching and writing this story. ( + – 600 words)
5 or more research articles:
These are small articles related to your project, copied statements or quotes with you addressing your own thoughts about the subject, and as well links to interesting material.
The whole of the group must provide:
2 video Interviews:
Create 2 video interview on innovation in the fashion industry, this can be design, marketing, etc.
Duration: max 4 minutes
Uploaded to youtube, Dailymotion, or vimeo


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