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by Suzanne van Rooij 

 SEPEHR MAGHSOUDI. This young man of 25 years old is officially a fourth year Design student at AMFI –the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in Amsterdam; the Netherlands- but is actually redoing the third year. Not because he did not pass the first time, not because something happened to him and he had to miss out, not because he liked the teachers so much or the building for that matter, not even because he had learned nothing, not because… anything actually. Then what?! What is up with this guy extending his study with another year, when there is no need for him to do so?    


 Picture a very tall –about 1.90 meters- slim, tanned young man. Imagine big blue-ish green eyes that take in everything surrounding them, placed in a long and sharp face, which is framed with a big wild bundle of small dark curls. Visualize clothes that might seem different, that might be things you would never wear all together at once, but that are expressive and special, that transform a someone into a somebody and that just scream fashion and creativity. Have you pictured, imagined and visualized all that? Well, that is just like meeting Sepehr.

 This design student has a very clear vision on what he is doing now, what he will do afterwards and what it is he finally wants to achieve. He has recently finished the minor Individuals, which has resulted in a few garments actually being produced and being sold in stores and is now designing his own collection based on a traditional suit. The reason why he is redoing his third year is actually a quite logical one, when thinking about it. For him it is a way of doing a master, but then without getting the diploma in the end. It is all about a lot of practice and by doing so forming your own style and refining it. And that typifies Sepehr in everything he does. He always wants to take the extra mile.


Basically Sepehr is another very special and talented upcoming fashion designer that bursts of energy and is ready to conquer the world. Always well-spirited, with a mind that is made up about things; a person that knows what he wants. And he is not afraid to give his opinion. “They killed my trenchcoat,” he jokes talking about Individuals. “People are unconsciously always thinking about clothes, seriously! They can for instance be occupied with the dilemma of what to wear the next day during their sleep,” a short bit of his explanation of his vision on people and fashion. “I was always almost obsessed with very intense heavy prints, but after my internship I have found balance,” he says looking back on earlier work.