Junky Styling is a new East End London store founded by Annika Saunders and Kerry Seager. This is an eco epicurean fashion boutique is rooted on the joys of clothing recycling. The founders Saunders and Seager are not really professional designers but rather just discovered themselves in this field. They stumbled in this art while trying to make clothes for themselves to wear out to clubs during their late teen years and to save money for travelling-and they have extensively travelled since the 90’s. Having said this, the rest was history! With the perfect mix of their concept namely; originality and freshness of their own designs and the eco/environmentally friendly approach, they have now gained international mystic with their creative style. Destroy, repair and enhance all lead to the trend we call upcycling- a higher level that just recycling itself. This manner of destroy, repair, enhance and reform is what they call “Wardrobe Surgery”. Old, recycled, donated and deconstructed clothing are the major ingredients in the recipe of these lady geniuses. Charity shops and jumble sales were their chosen sourc of second hand traditional suits to deconstruct and redesign into what they call twisted tailored garments. Deconstruction takes place by removing parts of clothing such as sleeves, collars and panels and make something out of the remaining bits and pieces. This then can turn out to be a legging which formerly was a sleeve or a sleeve that turns into a torso when opened out. And the detail is their play! They add ruffles on shirts, ribbons, extra seams, visible stitches and cuffs on trousers. Saunders and Seagers may just become the Picassos of fashion!



The clients of Junky Styling range from the young creatives of fashion to the eco warriors of the society to the ladies of the modern day who crave for the “new look”- and indeed, new look is what they have got. Unlike many avid pro-eco people, Saunders and Seagers admitted that eco is their major principle but that it should not overlook the fact that they are also about making beautiful clothing and that beautiful things in fashion do not necessarily mean non-environmentally friendly. It is just that, there are more and more ways being discovered on how to incorporate eco friendly in the fashion industry, and Junky Styling is one big breakthrough.




Junky Styling is considered Green! Everything being used is recycled and therefore promotes ethical consumerism. In the production processes, there are literally no pollution since there are no international flights shipping goods back from Turkey or China. The company is getting more and more international stock lists on their agenda.  Junky takes one range to yet another Fashion Week and Another of the regular Junky-off schedule London Fashion Week.






The funny thing however, Junky does not conform to fashion trends and does not feed on what’s in and what’s not. They believe in the same virtue of making nd promoting timeless original designs and of course offer repair services to customers- which helped garments last more than five years of regular wear. The customer is on the spotlight for this brand. That is simply because they ensure that no garments are the same, they may be cut from the same pattern but the origins of raw materials will always differ. With this, Junky aims at inspiring the potential individual customer to have a second look at their old, used clothing and realize that they still can make something incredibly magnificent out of it.



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  1. Hello, I’m doing about upcycling for my GCSE can I use your picture? email me please

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