From the Art of Recycling to Up-cycling


As many of us already know, the art of recycling has already spread like wide fire since some fifteen years ago. It is now becoming more and more prominent to the society and compared to what was devastatingly considered to be a no-participation campaign before, people actually want to take part in making the world at least slightly greener than it used to. Thankx to the media, the social and environmental awareness of people has greatly increased and is now turned into something more fun than just another moral obligation. From separating papers from plastic, to recycling them, we now have a modern practice called up-cycling. This comprises of upgrading and turning something old or trashed into something of more use. The collaboration of artists and creatives have now conquered the world and here are some examples:

Global Inheritance is an organization that works to reinvent and boos the young generation to approach waste management on a different light. It carries out initiatives to be creative, play with the mind and communicate it well through recycling. Fashion Peace developed a program that reconstructs peoples’ way of throwing things way and recycling them. The famous TRASHed campaign is a one year education program that encourages the society today to view waste management wisely and make it into something harmless to the surroundings. The campaign took its peak in 2006 and was a huge success.

 The neighbourhood is one sure place to start being active on recycling. TRASHed has created programs that match well with the vicinities of households in and around. It is true that change starts from within and what better way to do it than to start where you reside.

 The fun part is found on collaborations of artists and experts on the field. This clever strategy works not just for activists but also for those potential contributors for the betterment of the environment. Virgin Festival for example has worked with TRASHed (Fashion Peace) to reach a larger bracket of participants. Flyers and trashed papers can be used to design a garbage bin for instance dedicated to the great artists and movies such as Pink Flamingo, Cry Baby and Hairspray. This was a success dating back two years ago because it was not just all about recycling but also in a way, has become a competition to earn the prize.

 Nowadays, recycling is increased its level of performance in lives of people and caused the emergence of up-cycling. Swift Jewelry Design for example is a well known handmade jewelry maker which materials derive from recycled tin cans of beer, sodas and other preserved canned goods. The designer behind all these is Sarai, a woman who enjoys creativity and exploring it through different techniques jewelry designs. Her mission statement states; “I like combining the precious with the worthless to challenge the observer and offer a unique wearing experience”.  Her trashed series is a meticulously handcrafted designs derivative of recycled aluminum beers and soda cans. She then creates a smooth glass-like finished surface that is wearable and safe. Sarai is a living proof that art is not measured by the origin of the material nor the price paid to obtain it, it all  is just a matter of creativity and actually making it into something tangible.


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