YBB Concept


YBB Products is an extension of Your Biggest BANG Magazine, which is created and produced by AMFI students in the Magazine Minor at AMFI.


The concept that lies behind YBB Products is based on connecting and collecting – every ending has a new beginning-. YBB produces cutting edge fashion accessories for both men and women, where the emphasis lies on the product itself and not mainly on sustainability and the re-cycling aspect. Due to the concept and the strong, androgynous, modern designs and high fashion radiation, YBB is creating meaning with technology and handcrafting and therefore gives the products the value of a heritage piece. Through re-cycling, up-cycling and open-end multi-usage, YBB creates a new dimension.


YBB Products contains a Jewellery, a Multi Cloth and a Clip-On bag line. Linking these products together is something as simple as two-piece nickel press button. The original function of this object is to close, to open and to connect things. Using a press button in new and imaginative ways is a form of the art of up-cycling. Normally used for its functionality, it is now also used for its beauty and characteristics.



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