Eboman is not a normal DJ or VJ, he is a specialist in audiovisual sampling. That can be explained as a sort of upcycling of images and sound but of course it is not as simple as that.

He calls it Sample madnesS and madness it is when you see him moving in a SensorSuit, a suit totally covered with sensors and wires, making the images on his computer screen move and the sound to be mixed. Eboman started with sampling a long time ago. In 1985 he used the radio cassette recorder of his mom to copy fragments from one tape to another by connecting his cassette player to his mother’s cassette recorder. After that he kept on experimenting accompanied by the inventions in technology but he also invented his own software. The software that he used up to 2002 did not fulfil his requirements as an audiovisual sample producer so he made his own. The first successful designs where the skrtZz-pen, the DVJ mixer and the Frame Drummer Pro. After that a lot more designs with crazy names came to life, such as: skrtZz-skateboard, trigger microphone, SenS II and eventually SenS IV.

These last mentioned designs are the sensor suits which gave him the ability to compose audiovisual sample tracks in real time, and perform them live. With the use of movements of the whole body, audiovisual samples are being modified. Every body movement send to the computer via a wireless connection responds in an alteration on music samples and video samples.

Eboman does a lot of projects either for companies or just for fun. Last year, he did a project for the “Viva la Creación” event at picnic’07 in Amsterdam. People that were interested in this project were able to upload their own video clips on the Viva la Creation Jumpcut group. These videos included crazy noises such as: slapping meat, slamming doors and baby talk. Other visitors of the website were able to create remixes out of these clips by using the online video editor. The maker of the audiovisual sample video that got the most votes won the Viva la Creación award. He or she eventually had been invited to produce his or her own track with the unique Eboman video sampling software. More recently Eboman did a commercial for Fortis ASR car insurances. For this commercial he sampled car crashes into the joyful sounds of the tune “walking on sunshine“.

For all his good work and creative excess he has won this years’ Webby Award for the best editing. This most prestigious international prize is awarded for the best of the best that internet has to offer such as: websites, interactive advertising, online film & video and mobile content. The Webby Awards are seen as the ‘Oscars’ of the internet. Eboman received his award this June at the Webby Award ceremony in New York.


Gr Maartje


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