The Grand Parade – Photoshoot Yearbook

The Grand Parade

Photoshoot of Yearbook 2008


Amsterdam Fashion Institute has a lot of creative fashion students. Every year, about 200 students graduates at this institute.


At the AMFI – Amsterdam Fashion Institute, about 25 3Ddesign students, designed their own graduation collection. In the photoshoot for the AMFI-yearbook 2007.2008, there was a chance to show the showpiece of every collection. Just like the ‘Royal College of Art’ and ‘Artez Arnhem’ the work of the design students will be visible. A unique and special chance to show the variated work of students as one unity. The AMFI is for students a institute which makes every student to a person with a personal handwriting and own style. The AMFI was the beginning of a search, but the end is nearby. A sparkling future, full of creativity, will be next. The photoshoot can be seen as a personal portfolio page. Every ending is a new beginning..


The theme of the yearbook is (as called before) ‘every ending is a new beginning’. The graduates will be leaving AMFI, but what will their next move be? With AMFI in the back of their minds, there will be a ‘new’ beginning for every graduate. This is why the yearbook is there to represent this new beginning of these graduates. It will be a booklet where they will have a ‘first’ chance to present themselves and their work to the outer world. It will be their personal business card.


The photoshoot of the graduation collection in the yearbook is called ‘The Grand Parade’. With the future of tomorrow in mind, our (AMFI) design students created their own collection. It is up to them to create the picture of tomorrow. It is their vision and the mission of AMFI that will stimulate them in creating that picture. A picture of their sparkling future, the picture of tomorrow. This is why the photoshoot is called ‘The Grand Parade’. A parade of tomorrow’s designers of the world.


The style of the photoshoot is raw, AMFI-feeling and with the future and designer clothing in the centre. The photographer of the shoot was Taufiq Hosen, an upcoming photographer which also works for the GlamCult and the magazine BLEND. His style fits the yearbook and the idea of the photoshoot very well.


The photoshoot of the yearbook was a great success. Every designer took their most beautiful outfit of their graduation collection with them to the photoshoot. Remarkable were the uses of fabrics and colours. Light colours, like old-pink, broken white and earth tints were popular in the collections. Also shiny and light fabrics, like silk, satin, and linen were very popular. There were also some heavy knits in the collections. They were hand-made, so knitted by hand, but it looks beautiful. Prints were very abstract and most of them were black and white. (if you click on the pictures, you can see them better!).

The Grand Parade, the photoshoot of AMFI’s graduation yearbook 2008, shows the most obvious outfit of every designers. AMFI is proud of them, and the designers can be proud too. Beautiful fabrics, ingenious work of patterns and explicit visions of the designers. The Grand Parade of tomorrows designers.


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