recycle your old CDs

A few creative ways you can recycle your old CDs:

Take your old CDs and create a piece of original art on a canvas, or use your favorite CD covers and create a unique collage.

Flower Pot
Stack your old plastic CD drums, drill a few holes and add your own decoration to make a flower pot.

Headphone Holder
Use the bottom of your CD drum (the part with the middle spindle) and tape it up to use as a headphone holder.

Decorate them with stickers or glitter, put some cork on the bottom of them, and use them as coasters.

Paint Palette
If you’re an artist, use the small circular discs as paint palettes. They’re easy to wash off and you can even use a few at a time.

Bike Reflectors
Tape them to your bicycle wheels and use them as reflectors.

Picture Holders
Stick your favorite picture into the clear CD case, fold over the base and use it as a picture frame.

Candle Holder
Place an old CD on the bottom of a candle to catch any dripping wax.

Make a CD Lamp
Make a lamp out of a stack of CDs and a fluorescent bulb.

Bagel/Donut Holder
Pop in a bagel or donut in a CD spindle, cover the top and use it as a carry container!

Wall/Window/Mirror Border
If you have enough to go around your bedroom, use them like a wallpaper border, or decorate the edges of your windows or mirrors.


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