Harajuku style

Harajuku style

 The outrageous outfits of the Japanese boys and girls witch they often make themselves by mixing different styles, use a variety of fabrics, colors and accessories are typically for Harajuku style. Find out what kind of different styles you can spot in the Harajuku district in Tokio and how to dress like these Japanes boys and girls.

 Harajuku became famous in the 80s because of the street performers and imaginatively attired teens who gathered there on Sundays when the street with the upscale fashion boutiques and cafes, Omotesando, was closed for traffic. This became the perfect meeting point to have fun, play music, and to show off.

 Gothic Lolita, Visual Kei, Cosplay, Decora style and Kawaii are all variations of style in the Harajuku district. Japanese boys and girls with their outrageous and flamboyant outfits walking in the area Harajuku in Tokyo. They drawing their inspiration from Eastern and Western designers and fuse these cultures with their own individual style. The nice thing about Japanese fashion is that not the brands but the teenagers dictate what the people will wear and the shops will start selling.The teens are not afraid to customize and accessorise their own clothes, and to wear crazy outfits with a sense of humour.

Gothic Lolita
This style often is meant to make the wearer look doll-like, sweet and elegant. It emphasizes Victorian-style girl’s clothing and often aims to imitate the look of Victorian porcelain dolls. On the other hand Gothic Lolita clothes have sometimes a very dark look.
Visual Kei
Visual Kei refers to a movement among Japanese rock musicians and is characterized by the use of elaborate costumes and eccentric looks and hairstyles. The Visual Kei look usually involves striking make-up.
This means “cute” or “pretty and generally relates to someone wearing clothing that appears to be made for young children or clothes that accentuate the cuteness of the individual. Ruffles and pastels or bright colors may be worn, and accessories often include oversize toys or bags featuring animated characters.
This style is also known as “Decoration”. Decora consists of bright colors and hair clips with bows. Lots of layering and the accessories include plastic and furry toys and jewelry, which stick together and make noise as the wearer moves.
It is a Japanese subculture based on dressing like characters from manga, anime,and video games and is sometimes very extreme.



1.Mix and match
The most important thing about Harajuku style is to
Mix and match different fashions. They mix different styles and mismatch colors and patterns. You can do anything you want, as long as your outfit is a thoughtful expression of your individuality.

2. Dress in layers.
One of the hallmarks of Harajuku is layering. Sweaters, vests, or jackets over blouses over t-shirts, dresses worn with leggings, and so on. Layering clothes (or giving the appearance of layering by wearing ruffled dresses, for example) adds more volume to your outfit.

3.Customize your clothes.
Secondhand clothing and do-it-yourself styles are popular ingredients in a Harajuku outfit. Do you like a skirt but think it would look cuter with a ribbon pinned on it or with a more uneven, angular hemline? Get out the scissors and glue and make your clothes uniquely yours. Or, go even further and make your own skirt.

Add any wild accessories you have, such as belts, earrings, hair clips, jewelry, and handbags. Remember, accessories can be colorful and loud, and they don’t have to match your clothes.


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  8. i’m like a japan fashion, can i have a many information in my facebook???thank you

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