All-inclusive store for men!

LokalHeroz believes that every city has it’s own local hero(es), people you look up to. LokalHeroz is mix of retail combined with hot beverages and entertainment. This all-inclusive store, situated in Rotterdam, lifts shopping for men to another level, which will make their costumers, prolong their stay in the store. 

LokalHeroz is not only a store; it also offers a platform for young urban (music) artists and designers from Rotterdam where they can present their work to a larger audience (local hero). 

The interior is developed by SoZa. They choose to make use of raw elements that the room carries with it. Non-treated concrete, rough metal, clear glass and soaked wood gives the store an interesting background for the versatile assortment LokalHeroz has to offer. They treat the materials for what it is and use it in different ways in the interior of the store. 

A store worth visiting when you are in Rotterdam.

Address: Oppert 294, Rotterdam






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