The story so far…

In the beginning there were seven different groups all with the same challenge to create a magazine that’s inspiring for young fashion creatives. The competition offers the chance for the winning magazine to be distributed around the Netherlands whilst representing AMFI. After nine weeks they were to be judged by six professionals; Liesbeth in ‘t Hout, Koos de Boer, Thierry Somers, Joep Becx, Martien Mellema, Peter van Rhoon.*
And the winner is… “Your Biggest Bang.”
From that moment “Your Biggest Bang” became a company powered by AMFI. Former competitors became colleagues and “Your Biggest Bang” was born.


This opportunity has given Young professionals a chance to shine and inspire other creatives with their work, generating challenging decisions with interviews, new and exciting articles and most certainly a new dimension of photo shoots. “Your Biggest bang” wants to promote an original feeling, leaving brand awareness and captivating influence that others can feed on.
“Your Biggest Bang” has now created extensions alongside the magazine, in completion to the company, YBB has provided a website, a yearbook, a product line, a marketing department and a series of events, with one final launch experience to intrigue and spread the word of “Your Biggest Bang”                           


Start your life with your biggest bang!!!





Liesbeth in ‘t Hout, dean of AMFI

Koos de Boer, Former corporate communication manager of Sanoma magazines
Thierry Somers, Founding editor and publisher of 200% magazine
Joep Becx, Art director Glamour magazine
Martien Mellema, Fashion and style director Glamour magazine
Peter van Rhoon, head director of Code magazine


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