Advertising or PR?

Imagine you call somebody with the message: “you don’t know me, you don’t know my product and you don’t know my company, but I would like to make a appointment with you”. Properly you would hand up the phone immediately. If you never heard of a company, would you pay attention for its commercial message?  
Another question: if you could choose between a advertisement page where you can place your own message or a journalistic article about your products in the same magazine? You properly choose for the last option with the motivation “that has credibility” you think.     

For many managers is marketing a synonym for advertising and PR is not. When you talk about a Marketing Campaign, the question rise “where are we going to advertise and how much advertising budget do we have’’ With PR you let your story be told though a third party, mostly media. PR, people trusts, advertising not. An interesting book about this subject is the fall of advertising & the rise of PR, written by Al and Laura Ries.
gr. jacqueline



One response to “Advertising or PR?

  1. Valid points – there is a definite difference between PR and advertising, although many people still confuse the two. I actually wrote a post about this very topic:

    I definitely believe the two can work hand-in-hand, but there needs to be some humble pie eating first… 😉

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