Event assignment

  1. What is an event?
  2. Event and the sensory perceptions
  3. Events with their characteristics and the effect on the community
  4. Pre-conditions of an event
  5. Analysis and example of Events: six companies
  6. Sources


1. What is an event?

An event is an occurrence of something that takes place on a given date, time and location. The general concept behind an event comprises knowledge and skills that are meant for observational purposes; to inform, inspire and invite. These purposes help increase either the brand recognition or induce a higher level of customer loyalty. An event aims at the involvement and exposure of something offered to be experienced by the audience.

One of the many goals of an event is to pamper the target group. It should give an impulse that exceeds the expectations and arouse deeper interest. There are namely six factors of success that play a central role in executing an event:

          The creative concept

          Programming and its completion


          Catering or extras that go with the whole atmosphere

          Decoration / presentation


The quality of these elements greatly influence a magical experience which is a stronger relation with business partners and a satisfying company event felt both internally and externally.

The creative concept is the business card of any company. This is basically the face they are going to be showing during any public display. This is what makes a customer or viewer want to stay or go during an event. Once this is well executed and translated correctly, exercising the goals of the pioneers behind it, an event is halfway towards its success. Programming is advertising. It is true what most marketers say; location, location, location. Programming an event on Monday morning might actually be not such a good idea after all. The participation of the audience is crucial. Location, date and time should blend well together so as to achieve the highest market penetration possible. Programming and its completion should also come out naturally. It should remain inviting and intriguing at the same time. A tone of voice can be applied as well giving out a message that a company is approachable and professional enough to be trusted all together. Exaggeration and hypocrisy just to attract audience guarantees quiet unvisited event. Extras to let the audience know they are special and being thought about should be enough. Little things tell them they are a part of a big thing. This can also be mixed with atmosphere that the whole experience has. Spontaneity will keep them posted and others coming back for more. The decoration and the presentation speak for itself. These two should fit perfectly with what they brand is trying to say and what kind of experience they are offering their audience. Catchy, simple and humble are important. Overdoing it can only lead to disappointments and losses in its worst case. And lastly, the logistics. Planning, implementation and operation must always be taken care of beforehand. We can say that this is the heart of an event without which things will not entirely make sense. Good coordination not only saves time but wins it.

2. Event and the sensory perceptions

The senses are the trigger zones of an event. Be it a sporting event, fund raising, community building, cookery or fashion, an event always asks for the attention of the sensory organs and therefore awaits for a potentially healthy feedback. The sense of sight experiences the presentation of a stand or a booth where an event takes place. It is through this perception that organization, color, size and visual concept realization are acknowledged. The responsible persons behind an event should then know that visions speak louder than words. That the eyes of the audience should be able to understand and have a quick grasp of the W’s and H of a certain experience (W’s: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How). With fashion events for example, clothing and design are appreciated mainly by the sense of sight, this is where beauty is comprehended. There are however also evens which are mainly aimed at “virtual” purposes that requires only the sense of sight. Hearing, touch, smell and taste are the senses that are mostly, although not all the time, triggered secondarily. This occurs after the eyes have seen and encountered something of interest. These remaining four senses however, are the very reason why experts keep on innovating in order to deliver and execute a better and one of a kind event to the viewers. It is through these that people exerting that extra little effort in producing a matching music for example to ensure optimal experience for the target group. Producing a tangible version of a particular concept can greatly convince the buyer to go business with the seller simply because he or she was able to feel and touch what it is she is experiencing. Elegance of the company can be realized through caviars and champagne being offered during an event, this way, and the essence of the company is tasted all the way to the taste buds. Scents that are smelled from nine meters away are used to allure the customers and pull them towards the stand or booth where the event is taking place.

Having mentioned all these only indicates that the senses are the direct keys that somehow influence the success or failure of an event. They are all equal in their roles, however sometimes too it depends on the type and kind of event that signals whether what kind of strategy a company has to take.

          Characteristics of an event

          precision and clarity

          goal- orientated, message

          inviting and interesting


First of all an event has a certain purpose: to inform, to inspire, to entertain, to promote or to convince. In the case of ‘Your Biggest Bang’ magazine, an event is an opportunity and an occasion to promote the magazine amongst the target group. An event is a promotion tool and will at the same time be an extension of the brand ‘Your Biggest Bang’.

The purpose of the event has influence on the content of the event. The target group will be the core and will get a certain message.

An event is inviting for the target group and has a surplus value. Because of that they will do something extra’s to come to the event and even pay for it. The content has to be interesting and must trigger.

The communication is very important. The event has to be clear in its communication so the target group will not be left with any questions. What kind of event is it? Where will it take place? What is the content about? Am I the target group? These are questions that have to be clear before the start of the event.

 3. Events with their characteristics and the effect on the community



Effect on community:

Discrete/Recurring event at a Permanent Venue

Predictable starting and ending times

Known venue capacity

Anticipated demand typically known

Advance ticket sales

Concentrated arrival and departure demands

Need to give special attention to weekday events due to their potential impacts on commuter traffic, transit operations, businesses and residents.

Need to minimize impacts on access to businesses and residents due to concentrated arrival and departure demands.

Need to identify ways to minimize community impacts and improve transportation system operations during future venue events.

Need to consider parking restrictions or issuance of residence parking stickers so that event patrons do not impact residences by parking on residential streets in the vicinity of the venue.

Continuous event

Occurrence often over multiple days

Patrons arrive and depart during the event day

Less reliance on advance ticket sales

Capacity of venue not always known

Occurrence sometimes at temporary venues

Parking availability varies

Need to assure that the significant level of personnel required over the multiple days of operation can be provided to minimize impacts to the community.

Need to apply changes made in the traffic management plan to minimize community impacts for future continuous events.


Street Use event


Occurrence on roadway requiring closure

Specific starting and predictable ending times

Capacity of spectator viewing area not known

Spectators typically not charged or ticketed

Parking availability varies

Impact on emergency access and local services

Need to consider effect on access and parking of residents and businesses of a street along which the event will be held.

Need to consider communicating with and involving the participation of businesses and residents on the street that will be closed for the event.

Need to assure that bus transit stop relocations during the event are communicated in advance to residents and businesses.

Need to require adequate sidewalk passage area and fire lanes at all times to permit access of emergency vehicles to adjacent residents and businesses along the streets utilized by the street use event.

Need to notify all businesses and residents located on the street to be used or closed of the event dates and times.

Regional/Multi-Venue event


Occurrence of events at multiple venues at or near same time

Ingress and egress operations for concurrent events may occur at same time

Parking areas may service demand from different events over day


Need to coordinate activities of the events in order to minimize traffic impact on the community.

Need to offset occurrence of ingress and egress times to minimize effect on traffic, parking, resources and the community.

Need to examine event scheduling to avoid departing traffic from one event coinciding with arriving traffic from another event to minimize effect on traffic, parking, resources, and the community.


Rural event

Rural area and possible tourist destination

High attendance events attracting event patrons from a regional area

Limited roadway capacity

Area lacking regular transit service

Need to meet with residents and businesses to minimize effect on adjacent roadways.

Need to use public surveys to assess all community effect and incorporate successful lessons learned to apply to the next event



4. Pre-conditions of an event

Location: If you want to plan an event you have to find the prefect location. There are a lot of things you have to notes before a location will be perfect.

Target group: When you’ve got a young target group, you have to consider that there is a train station or bus station in the neighborhood. If the target group is above 50 years, you should consider easy way to walk by, because some of those people will be having a walking problem or a wheelchair.

Accessible: You have to find a place where the target group is able to get to. For instance there should be a parking place for the cars. Next to that, the place should be reachable for people without a car. So there must be a train or bus station in the neighborhood or otherwise a shuttle bus between those two places. There should also be a place for the people who come by bike.

Emergency services: The emergency services have to be able to get on time to an emergency and to be able to leave on time as well. Also there should be escape ways, encase of an evacuation.

Environment: You have to consider the noise you’re making the neighbors. You also have to think of damage it can bring to the environment, like leavings etc.

Fit to the event: Next to all of that, the location has to fit in the concept of the event. For instance the Libelle zomerweken will not fit into a busy square in the middle of a city, but will fit perfectly on a beach.

Budget: When you plan an event you have to think of the budget. The budget will be depending on many different aspects. Like;

Ticket sales: Number of available tickets

Sponsors: Costs of artist or speakers etc, Costs of employees, Costs of drinks and food, Proceeds of drinks and food, Costs of renting the place, Costs of furniture etc

Weather conditions: You have to look for the weather conditions. You can do this by looking at the weather for over the last years. But also by looking at the weather forecast. But most of the time you just have to be lucky when it depends on the weather or you have to be prevent it with tents went it’s bad weather or extra water went it’s hot weather etc.

Timing: Period or season (see also at weather), Which day(s), Weekends or weekly days or holidays etc., Period of the day, Unexpected things; like the catastrophe on 9-11 or hurricane Katrina.

Schedule: Timetable: For the target group but also for the artists, so the show goes fluently. So the target group doesn’t have to wait and there will be enough breaks. 

Announcement: When there is an announcement of the event, people will already talk about it, so it will bring free publicity to the event. But most important people will buy tickets to the event or plan it in there agendas.

Realistic: The concept of the event has to be realistic on all those aspect you’ll find above this part. 

Eagerness: The event has to be received very well at the target group, otherwise the event will fail. To know if there’s enough eagerness to it, you first have to test it at your target group. You can do this with an inquiry.


5. Analysis of Events and Example of Events

We have researched five outstanding global events companies who have taken the world by storm. We looked at the company’s heritage and how the businesses work. These six companies host amazing world events in all different subject areas, whether it is fashion, music, sport or art we have picked the best to cater for all.

Through deep analysis we have discovered how each of theses companies have made a name for themselves and how they select who they want to work with.

The six companies:

  1. Villa Eugenie
  2. Karel & Sjaak
  3. Wink
  4. Events lab
  5. Storage


1. Villa eugunie- A brief introduction to the company

Villa eugenie is a global events company, dedicated to Fashion. The company is involved in all sectors and trades of luxury fashion and the art world and even stretches as far as operas events. They are a company orientated towards the imaginary and mainly hold large scale fashion shows. The company that started in October 2004 is based in Brussels and has offices in Miami.

The company describes it self as having no limits when it comes to event organization and likes to take challenges.

They believe that partnership is extremely important within an events business.

Villa euguiene have certainly main a name for themselves, and build up a well known client list.  Here are some of the clients they have worked with, Dries van Noten, Chanel, Hugo boss, Miu mui, Lavin, Ysl

Contact information: Villa eugenie, Etienne Russo, 45 Avenuew.ceuppens, 1190 Brussels/beligum, info@villaeuguenie.com, Tel: + 32(0)2543006

Analysis of the company:


Delivers a no limit service for their client, and holds breath taking contemporary stylish, classy events.

Target group

Sophisticated, wealthy and well established brands.

Scale of event

Global scale

What they specialist in

Fashion events, launch parties, operas, various fashion labels windows.

How do they promote

 Articles and writes on event in various magazines

How does the company work

15 permanent members, all people with different career horizons and also have outside contributors. They are the best of their generation

How do they keep to the subject

Making each event become an exceptional moment

What companies do they work with

Dries van Noten, Chanel, Hugo boss, Miu mui, Lavin, Ysl




2. Karel & sjaak- A brief introduction to the company.

Karel and Sjaak are two young creatives who set up an events business in? The girls label themselves as connectors. If clients have an idea for an event Karel and Sjaak find the right people for the job. Their business is basically a network of creative people. From architects to Dj’s they can contact them all.

The business deals mainly with young hip events going on in Amsterdam. They say they host events for people just like themselves; therefore they label themselves as the target market.

Their aim is to make great events and make them memorable and different. Their business survies on them knowing the right creatives for the job, so it is curial they socialize regularly. 

They have worked with: Apple tree records, Puma, Event models, MTV, Heineken Refreshing Sounds Sessions

Contact information: Karel and Sjaak, Agentschap, Rigakade 1, 1013 BB Amsterdam

Analysis of the company:


To connect people to people, to meet the clients requirements

Target group

Young creative people like themselves.

Scale of event

A range of different scale events as they are a new company.

What they are specialist in

Mainly music events at the moment

How do they promote

Word of mouth as they believe this is the best advertisement

How does the company work

 Companies come to them with an idea of an event and they find the right people for the event, eg, dj’s, location etc.

How do they keep to the subject

Working closes with the client and building up a good relationship with other creatives so they can always have a large address book

What companies do they work with

Heinken refreshing music sounds,

How does the selection process work?

If they like the sound of the idea and if they think they are able to accommodate the required event and find the correct people for the job.



3. Wink- A brief introduction to the company

Originating from the dance music scene Wink looks at events as the ultimate multimedia expression. Where each separate ingredient and works together to creates a fully integrated and overwhelming experience.

Offers a complete event management and production service, after an initial consolation. It will create and produce a comprehensive and unique tailor made occasion to fulfill your vision. Your event will impress even yourself.

They label themselves as “atmosphere architect” Specializing in styling events, creating unique environments, clubs, raves and festivals customized to suit any event.

The mission statement;

The aim of the game is to feel real good.

Contact information: Hooghiemstraplein 55, 3514AX Utrecht, The Netherlands, Tel: + 31(0)302430800, info@welcometowink.nl

Analysis of the company


Creating an unforgettable party “The aim of the game is to feel good ”

Target group

Youthful people, fun and out going.

Scale of event

They work on an international level, with the largest event being a festival of people.

What they specialist in

Specializes in styling events, creating unique environment, clubs, raves and festivals customized to suit your event.

How does the company work

Wink creates brand experience events designed to communicate your message or products, enabling your guests to really feel what they’re all about.

How do they keep to the subject

They set themselves apart from other event organizations is their views on the importance of decoration.

What companies do they work with

Diesel, pepe jeans, coca cola, new frontier festival



4. Event labs- A brief introduction to the company

Eventlabs  prides itself on delivering an emotional brand experience, it believes that events are the most impressive way to form brand communication. “You cannot hear an ad, you cannot touch a commercial and although you can find out quite a lot on the internet, you can experience nothing there. Nothing at least that we consider an experience” they aim to develop unique and unexpected solutions for every communicational need through a creative manner.

Mission statement: Good events allow the target group to feel the brand.

Type of events they create: Corporate, Media, Fashion, Promotion, Uncontrolled, Lifestyle, Music, Incentive, Public

Contact information: Tel: 0049 (0) 40 8222 33 400, Fax: 0049 (0) 40 8222 33425, info@eventlabs.com

Analysis of the company:


to produce an emotion through brand communication

Target group

Young professionals ranging from all different sectors of the communication industry from fashion to music.

Scale of event

Large scale events for well known companies such as Nokia, Mango, Bacardi and Joop! They mainly work in Germany as that is where they are based

What they specialist in (type)

In creating an event that is unexpected of the company they are working for

How does the company work

They as a team of 30 offering the highest quality experience, when the team feels passion for the project only then will it be passed on to the customer or target group.

What companies do they work with

Bacardi, Diesel, mmc Smart, AOL Germany, Mango, Volkswagen, O2 Germany, Redbull, Warner music group, Volkwagen, Ikea Germany



5. Storage- A brief introduction to the company

Storage is a brand strategy and design agency that develops branded environments, they design stores, displays, exhibits, events and organize and design in-store campaigns, they work with brands that are forward thinking and our aware of today’s generation. They work on an international level working with clients that want to capture today’s market values. As a company they want to create a platform where brand and consumer meet, working with retail experience in mind they know how to integrate the various marketing disciplines of brands creating a successful interaction with your consumer to enable long term customer loyalty and to sell products. There studio is based in Amsterdam but also have a studio in San Francisco. 

Mission: to develop long term customer loyalty for the client and sell products

Contact information: Storage Amsterdam, Overtoom194, Tel: +31 (0) 20 422 9520, Info@storeage.nl

Analysis of the company


Create an environment that will sell products and create long term loyalty with the clients consumer

Target group

Professional forward thinking companies

Scale of event

They work with in store events and displays also creating brand new stores with a future minded feel.

What they specialist in

Storage specialize in designing stores, displays, exhibits, events and in store campaigns

How does the company work

They work on a level of customer loyalty offering the environment to sell brands and come up with ideas that are best in mind with the store. They work together with the best in graphic design, interior design and the best minds in brand strategy.

How do they keep to the subject

They keep to the subject by always think back to the motto that they want to create an environment that is a successful interaction with the consumer.

What companies do they work with

Burn, Levis, footlocker, puma, Nike, T-mobile, UPC, coca cola, Bugaboo, postbank




6. Sources:





Made by:

Format Group

Zyrah Montebon

Lieke Faber

Tara Koppenol

Maartje Gruyters

Gemma Frenchy

Rianne Duursma

Marlou van Eeten

Katinka Schmitz


Event group

Rosanne van den Bosch

Sophie Roder

Rebecca Starkey

Mirjam de Ruiter

Emily Cusack

Debora Leeser




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