via coolhunting

You Look Great Today

via Cool Hunting by Doug Black on 5/1/08

Our friends at thehappycorp want you to know just how good you look. To prove it, they created You Look Great Today, an assemblage of orchestrated thumbs-up photos that anyone can contribute to. To get involved, you first need to purchase their signature reversible hand-cards (one side is for pale skin, the other for darker skin). You can order a pack of 25 for $6 from their store. Once you pop it out, go find great-looking people and stage the most dramatic shot (if you lack the creative gene, they offer tips). Then just upload your photo to the site—no need to create a profile or anything.

What we like most is the user contributed aspect of the site. We enjoy the Sartorialist, Street Peeper and the Face Hunter, but everyone has a voice at You Look Great Today, making for a diverse compilation of styles and oftentimes some great humor. Have a look for yourself.


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